What’re the advantages of H.265?

What’re the advantages of H.265? 

1) Higher image quality Video image resolution support 1080P, 4K, 8K HD, ultra-high-definition images

2) Higher image frame rate Video frame rate from 30 fps to 60fps, support 120fps or even 240fps ultra-high frame rate

3) Lower transmission rate Depending on the image quality, the amount of data is only 1/16 of MPEG2, 1/6 of MPEG4, 1/2 of H.264

4) Stronger fault tolerance Stable transmission in unstable network environments with up to 45% packet loss rate for a variety of harsh environments

5) A clearer sound experience

6) More full video interface Support HDSDI, DVI, HDMI, CVBS and other video interface

7)Better network adaptability

Through IP, wireless, satellite and other network transmission images, applicable to a variety of work scenes