Industrial 4G wireless router DR115 series 2 ports

Industrial 4G wireless router DR115 series 2 ports

Based on wireless network requirements, using the latest hardware system platform,
Introducing a new, better-performing IoT wireless communication using the latest technology from the Linux software system Router products. Adopting industrial-grade design standards, it is mainly applied to data transmission services of industrial users.


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Products overview

Based on wireless network requirements, using the latest hardware system platform,
Introducing a new, better-performing IoT wireless communication using the latest technology from the Linux software system Router products. Adopting industrial-grade design standards, it is mainly applied to data transmission services of industrial users.

This product uses a high-performance 32-bit embedded processor with a built-in TCP/IP protocol stack and an RS serial port And 10/100M Ethernet interface. Integrated IO terminal block provides serial or GPIO interface. Serial ports provide RS-232, RS-485 transparent transmission mode, support VPN communication function, use
IPSec/OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/GRE/VPN Technology, Enterprise VPN Tunneling Technology and Firewall Technology, Guaranteed Data security in high-security industries adopts internal meat penetration technology to relieve unusable sleeplessness caused by lack of public IP.
Disturbance, make your deployment solution handy, support automatic online detection, dynamically refresh the network status in real time, keep the link smooth Through the advantages of stable performance, small size, ease of installation and resistance to the environment, the product is welcomed by users.

Support multiple configuration methods of WEB/Telnet/Console, support telnet/ssh login, the user is facing
WEB graphical management configuration interface makes management easy and simple. The product has been widely used in the M2M in the Internet of Things industry chain
Industries such as Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Home, Finance, Mobile POS Terminals, Supply Chain Automation, Industrial Automation Mobilization, Intelligent Building, Fire Protection, Public Safety, Environmental Protection, Meteorology, Digital Medical, Remote Sensing, Military, and Air Exploration, agriculture, forestry, water, coal, petrochemical and other fields.

Hardware feature

1.Using the latest 580Mhz main frequency CPU to ensure fast system operation.
2.Use 64Mbit flash 1024Mbit DDR2 memory to ensure reliable system operation.
3.Dual WIFI antenna design ensures stable and reliable data transmission over WIFI network.
4.Adopt DC5~40V wide voltage design. Optional DC5-48/58V wide voltage design.
5.Adopt 3-way power supply design to provide sufficient power and realize independent control of the module power supply to ensure the system is stable and reliable.
6.IEEE802.3 af IEEE802.3 at protocol supporting standard POE (optional PD powered or PSE powered), PD support
7.Wire system A, and wire system B mode, PSE only provides B-wire mode (DR112 PD PSE can provide both A and B wire systems).
Note: A mode uses the line number: 1, 2 (+) 3, 6 (-); B mode uses the line number: 4, 5 (+) 7, 8 (-).
8.A variety of power supply methods, including standard POE, DC, terminal block power supply
9.Lightning protection design for each interface, such as network ports, serial ports, power supplies, and terminal blocks, effectively adapts to harsh environments.
10.Provides up to 5 antenna interfaces to provide differential signal reception for wireless network modules (optional)
11.Industrial terminal block design, extended application.
12.Provide one WAN port and four LANs to ensure the connection requirements of multiple devices and implement WAN and LAN function conversion.

Main feature

1 Fully supports the entire new generation of IPV6 network technology.
2 Supports transmission of DTU data, management interfaces, and application connections from all devices within the network. It is no longer annoying for public network IP (for example,
3 Create your own public IP server. Please explain to the customer to obtain the server software).
4 Support CPU load, memory usage, traffic monitoring, network connection monitoring and other functions, and draw data charts.
5 Supports multiple network modes for access, supporting private network access such as APN and VPDN
6 Support CELL, WIFI client, wired PPPoE, wired DHCP, wired static IP, wired or CELL IPV6 access network
7 Supports CELL/Cable/WIFI client connection hot backup, three-line priority hot backup or equivalent priority fast hot backup.
8 Supports CELL/Cable/WIFI client link bandwidth superposition.
9 Supports wireless network module automatic function.
10 Supports a variety of intranet access protocols to implement WEB/telnet/ssh access and management of intranets without public IP addresses.
11 The application connection of the device.
12 Supports WEB SSL encrypted access.
13 Supports ICMP detection to ensure that the router is reliable and online.
14 Supports various VPN protocols (IPSEC V1 V2, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, IPIP, OpenVPN). Each VPN supports multiple channels.
15 Support RS232/RS485 serial DTU data transparent transmission function, support DTU server and client, support heartbeat packet, support
16 Hold the ID function, support remote serial port function, support remote MODEM receive and send AT commands.
17 The second DTU implements a remote connection to the wireless network module, which sends and receives the remote router module function.
18 Two DIO control pins supporting Modbus TCP/RTU.
19 Support GPS Global Positioning System position information reporting function.
20 Support SMS commands, send and receive SMS, SMS history and other functions.
21 Support network SMS function.
22 TF card design provides support for network sharing and storage applications.
23 Support SNMP V1, V2, V3, router management possible.
24 Supports VRRP router backup.
25 Supports dynamic routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, OSPFv6, and BGP
26 Support Wifidog, to achieve wifi authentication
27 Support Nodogsplash to achieve WIFI local authentication.
28 Support independent QOS flow rate management control for different interfaces.
29 Support LAN, WAN conversion VLAN function.
30 Support NTP client to synchronize network time and provide NTP network time service.
31 Support remote log function.
32 Support parameter backup and restore functions.
33 MD5 security checker firmware reliability when firmware update is supported.
34 DR115 Series Router Specifications
35 Supports firewall port mapping, port forwarding, access control and other functions, and supports detailed firewall list function.
36 Supports the router’s local WEB access control.
37 Support WIFI wireless network time switch function.
38 Support dynamic DNS function.
39 Reliable hardware and software design to ensure reliable online operation of the router.







CELL network
Wireless module Industrial grade  3G/4G  wireless module
Network support 2G CDMA1x, 3G CDMA2000 EVDO Rev0, RevA, RevB ;


Different wireless module optional
WIFI wireless network
Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
IEEE802.11AC (Optional)
Bandwidth IEEE802.11b/g:max 54Mbps
IEEE802.11n : max 300Mbps
IEEE802.11ac : max  900Mbps
Security WPA/WPA2
Transmit power 20dBm
Receive sensitivity <-72dBm@54Mbps
Hardware system
CPU ·         32bit communication processor
FLASH 128Mbit
RAM DDR2 1024Mbit



POE parameter
PD  parameter Get power from WAN RJ45 via POE

support IEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at standard

PSE  parameter POE output from  LAN4 RJ45

IEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at 标

WAN 1 *10/100M bps RJ45,Auto  MDI/MDIX adaptive,internal 1.5KV  surge protection module
LAN 1 *10/100M bps,Auto  MDI/MDIX adaptive,internal 1.5KV  surge protection module
Serial interface DB9,Supports hardware flow control.,
Serial parameters:
data bits:5、6、7、8
stop bit:1、2
·         Series Rate:2400~115200bit/s
Antenna interface 2* WIFI  antenna interface
1/2  CELL network interface(Support differential antenna module)
1* GPS  interface
Total 5* antenna interface
5pin  Terminal Blocks 2pin  power input
1pin reset
2pin DIO control interface(Can work with external controller.)
Indicator SYS x1
CELL dialing  x1
VPN  x1



WIFI  x1
WIFI 5G  x1
LAN status  x4
WAN status  x1
SIM/UIM  interface Support  1.8V/3V SIM/UIM  card,built-in  15KV ESD  protection
Power interface Standard DC interface
Terminal block power interface
RESET  button 1* pinhole reset button
TF card interface 1* TF  card interface
Electrical specification
Power supply DC 12V/1A
·         power supply range


DC 5~36V  DC 5~48V DC5~58V  optional
·         Power Consumption <450mA(12V)
mechanical parameter
Housing Metal shell, protection grade IP30. Shell and system safety isolation, especially suitable for industrial control field application.
Size 161x95x25mm(Do not include accessories, antennas)
weight 460g
work environment
operating temperature -20~+70ºC
storage temperature -40~+85ºC
relative humidity ·         95%(No condensation