DC 12/24V Power Surge Protector(SPD)

DC 12/24V Power Surge Protector(SPD)

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– Large flow capacity and low residual pressure

-Multi-level protection, fast response time

-Small size, simple structure, easy and fast installation

Product description

The low-voltage power surge protector is used for lightning protection and anti-surge protection connected to the DC low-voltage power supply. It is suitable for the protection of DC/AC low-voltage power supply, monitoring camera power supply and other equipment.

Technical parameter

Model DPC-10-12 DPC-10-24
Port number Dual port Dual port
Nominal working voltage Un 12V 24V
Max continuous working voltage Uc 18V 30V
Nominal discharge current (8/20μS) In 5kA 5kA
Max discharge current (8/20μS) Imax 10kA 10kA
Voltage protection level (In) Up ≤36V ≤60V
Response time tA ≤25ns ≤25ns
temperature range -40℃…+80℃ -40℃…+80℃
load current 2A 2A
Shell material fireproof plastic fireproof plastic
Installation method Rail installation Raiinstallation Rail installation
Dimensions 90x60x18mm 90x60x18mm
Protection class IP20 IP20
Installation wiring 0.5-2.5mm2 0.5-2.5 mm2