5V POE splitter with microUSB interface 1000Mbps

5V POE splitter with microUSB interface 1000Mbps

5V 2.4A POE splitter with microUSB port

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  1. Compliant with IEEE802.3af/at standard,size 82*28*23mm, power cord 205mm,lan cable 300mm, support 10/100/1000Mbps isolation high performance POE splitter
  2. MPS8004 chip,With standard isolation transformer, 38 ~ 57V, and multiple protection circuits.
  3. POEprotocol:3af/at
  4. Compliant with passive 48V POE(45+,78- only)
  5. POE power:10W (5V/2A)
  6. The isolation voltage:1500V
  7. POEtransmission:(1,2)+/(3,6)-&(4,5)+/(7,8)-adaptive
  8. RJ45 connector:cat6 10/100/1000Mbps data transmission(1,2)/(3,6)、(4,5)/(7,8)
  9. power output:5521DC male connector,(3.5*1.35DC male、Micro USB optional)

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Electrical parameter index:

Voltage type POE 48V input
Parameter The minimum value Rating value Max
Input voltage 38Vdc 51Vdc 57Vdc
Output voltage 4.95V 5V 5.2V
Output current 1.9A 2A 2.1A
Output ripple 200mV Max
Effective rate 85% above
Short circuit protection Support