40G L3 Network Fiber Switch

40G L3 Network Fiber Switch

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40G L3 Network Fiber Switch


Product Overview

The S6510-26HC is a network switch that provides 20 10G SFP+ ports, 4 25G ports and 2 40G QSFP ports. It provides high-capacity switching capability, complete security control strategy and CPU protect policy to improve fault tolerance, ensure stable network operation and link load balancing, and the device supports automatic DoS attack prevention and SNMP, IEEE 802.1, Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, Link Aggregation.

Product Features

  1. Excellent performance

 With 760G backplane bandwidth

 The packet forwarding rate reaches 565.44Mpps

Ethernet/IEEE802.3 packet size (64 bytes to 1522 bytes)

Jumbo packets up to 9216 bytes

  1. Safe and reliable

 Provide DOS, distributed denial of service, spoofing and virus defense

 Support IEEE802.1x, provide port-based user authentication, security control technology and policy control list

 Limit the maximum number of hosts connected to a port, and bind multiple Ethernet interfaces to increase bandwidth and system redundancy

 Policy control list, traffic regulation

  1. Easy to use and maintain

 It can be managed through Web, SNMP and other methods

 Support XModem protocol, can upgrade software and BootRom through TFTP/ZMODEM

  1. Powerful traffic and broadcast management

 Automatically detect and suppress broadcast storms, support the detection of IGMP packets, and effectively limit the flooding of broadcast packets

 Support flow control in full-duplex mode and half-duplex mode

 Support Ethernet interface rate limit in 1M steps


Model number S6510-26HC  
Basic feature  
fixed port 20 10G SFP+ optical ports

4 25G SFP28 optical ports

2 40G QSFP optical ports

1 console

1 OOB management port

Backplane bandwidth 760Gbps  
packet forwarding rate 565.44Mpps  
Flash capacity 32MB  
Memory Capacity 256M  
MAC address table 32768  
Software feature  
  L2 feature port settings port auto-negotiation
  flow control
  port mirroring
  Traffic Statistics
  link aggregation static link aggregation
  load balancing
  link backup
  Algorithm based on source/destination MAC
  Algorithm based on source/destination IP
  Dynamic Link Aggregation
  MAC Aging time setting
  Dynamic MAC address management
  MAC address binding and filtering
  static MAC address
  VLAN 802.1q tagged VLANs
  MAC address based VLAN
  Protocol-based VLAN
  spanning tree 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
  ERPS Ethernet Ring Protection
  LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  Multicast management IGMP v1/v2/
  IGMP Snooping
  Fast Leave
  IGMP statistics
  L3 feature Static route for IPV4/6
  RIP Ripv1/2
  RIPng Rip for ipv6
  OSPF OSPF v1/2 for ipv4
  OSPF6 OSPFv3 for ipv6
  VRRP V1/2 for ipv4
  V3 for ipv6
  QoS 4/8 Priority Queue (Basic Chip)
  Port-based COS
  802.1p-based COS
  DSCP-based COS
  Priority rules: SP, WRR, SP+WRR
  Storm control (broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast)
  Ingress/egress rate limiting based on ports and traffic
  Security function port security
  Port isolation
  Loopback detection
  access control list
  Manage session timeouts
  IP-based Web-GUI access restrictions
  Management function SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  Public MIBs
  SSH server
  Web-GUI (http/https)
  Firmware WEB page upgrade
  Configuration save and upload
  DHCP server
  ONVIF discovery
  NTP Client
  IPv6 Support Features Dual IPv4/IPv6 stack
  Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol (MLD)
  IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND)
  Path maximum transmission unit (MTU) discovery
  Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) version 6
  Telnet (v6)
  static routing
  Maintenance function CPU Monitor
  memory monitor
  System log
  Ping test
  Tracert test
Physical feature  
Power characteristics 440x400x44mm  
Power <130W ,AC 110-240V adaptive, 47-63Hz, support dual AC power supply (optional before leaving the factory)  
Indicator light Power indicator, system indicator  
Ambient temperature/humidity -10~+55°C;5%~90% RH Non coagulation  
Warranty 3 years  

Product Shipping and Storage


The packaging of this product is suitable for transportation by car, ship, plane, train, etc. During transportation, it should be protected from sun, rain, and civilized loading and unloading.


The product should be placed in the packaging box when it is not in use. The temperature and humidity of the storage environment should meet the requirements of the product. There should be no corrosive objects in the warehouse, and there should be no strong mechanical vibration, shock and magnetic field. The pad is at least 20CM from the ground, and at least 50CM from the heat source and the window air inlet.